CMSPlus.Me is a Cooperative of freelance digital workers based in UK.
We deliver Wordpress websites & bespoke development for Small Business.

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We are a small group of good workers freelancing in the digital world and offering complementary services.
From the simple site redesign to wider project, we deliver simple et efficient websites.

CMSPlus.Me has been initiated by Julien Bontempi, entrepreneur and project manager, and gather honest webdesigners and trustfull developpers.

How We Work

We are a not a typical agency, we adapt the team size depending your project. Each project is managed by Julien Bontempi who will gather a team according the project requirement and make sure everything is going smoothly according the specifications, the budget, and the planning.

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Our Process

First things first : let's talk and discuss your project for a couple of hours. If we need more time, then it means the project might require a little bit of further thinking and planification. It is the case where we provide here some little strategy consultancy to plan the next steps of you project, identify what really matters, what will be required in the future, and in the end define with you what are the specifications and technical requirements for your project.
From here, either you can continue to work with us and ask to quote the project, or you can also ask other companies. No strings attached!

Graphic design & Development :
Each project start with a meeting and a planning with milestones. Get ready to talk often with us, we send you updates at least every two days to make sure everything match your expectations and do at least one weekly meeting. This is the best way we are sure the delivery go smoothly. We communicate.


Please find below few projects we have delivered recently. Depending the project size, it was either completely managed by myself [Julien Bontempi] or the result of a teamwork of 2 or 3 workers. Most of them are based on Wordpress with different levels of customisation. Most of the time, we use framework templates as a base, then we build around. Like that we can save time on all the basic functions and focus on what matters. Don't hesitate to ask us question.

  • MoRunning is a global running event website put together in support of Movember. Here we delivered a complete branding, a network of websites, an online booking system with backend administration, a Social Media campaign and a promo video!

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  • Papillotes

    Macha is a professional photographer in San Francisco and ask us to help her to setup a blog to display her cooking pictures.

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  • is blog about Competitive Intelligence and Business Intelligence. Frédéric Martinet needed a migration from a Joomla platform to a Wordpress with a complete redesign.

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  • GAF Group

    Groupe Alumimium de France was looking for a complete overhall of their websites with an easy management solution. For each entity we delivered a single Wordpress website based on a inhouse design. An ongoing webmastering is provided and a little SEO work has been done.

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  • The Fix Events

    The Fix Events is a sport event management company. Our work was to move the original website to a Wordpress platform then develop a shopping cart, a booking system and a dedicated backend to events management.

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  • Your Project?

    We would be really happy to feature your project here. Get in touch with us, because we care whatever the size your project is.

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Please let us know about your project.

It's always good to have a little chat about your project, we can help you to define it, then design, and develop it. So don't hesitate to drop us a message and we get back to you shortly.

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Contact Information

Phone: +44 203 287 3946

Mobile: +44 757 500 2384

Skype: julien.bontempi